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We are first graders! We need your help! Please try to read with us every day because the more we are surrounded by books and print, the more we develop as better readers! The more work you do now that we are very young as you build a very strong foundation, the less you will have to do as we are older. Everything we will ever do will probably involve reading so please take us seriously when we say - we need your help! We will sometimes need your patience as we often can forget things that you think are very simple. We often can know something one day and forget it the next. We are first graders! We love your attention. We will be happy to try if it means it might make you happy! We want you to be proud of us. We want to know how to succeed! We will believe in ourselves if you believe in us first! We are first graders!
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    You should have already noticed your child brought home a HOMEWORK FOLDER which is our main communication. Please check this folder every day and send it back to school each morning. There is a small envelope inside for lunch money (ice cream and milk money also goes inside). If there is money in your child's folder, please turn the little money envelope backwards  in the pocket so I am sure to always see it! Also, in September, you will see a small calender which will document your child's daily behavior. If you see a yellow or red mark it is because your child had to pull a card in school that day. If you see an "x" on the date, it is because your child did not turn in homework. Please help me keep your child organized by also noticing what stays home and what comes back to school and where it should go in the folder.  Thank you for all of your support with this management!
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