Welcome back!


Welcome to the first grade! It is going to be such an exciting year for us all. First grade is a time to learn many basic skills and how to apply them in an effective and productive way. Our classroom theme is the rainbow because I feel it is important to help develop a child’s emotional side as well as academic. A rainbow is made up of seven different colors, each unique with its own strengths and weaknesses. Without one of the colors, a rainbow would not be a rainbow and would not be able to work to the best of its ability. We will read a special book called The Crayon Box That Talked on the first day of school, which will help support these ideas. I want each child to know that they are unique and important to our classroom. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses and I feel it is important to work together as a class to tackle the first grade. It is also important for you to know our class rule: “Be the best you can be!” I feel it covers everything and the children will quickly find this out when we create a list of exactly what it will mean in our classroom, to be the best we can be.

I believe in positive reinforcement which is why I try to allow for opportunities to catch your child being good, rather than always trying to catch them being bad. Each Monday, I will pay them five rainbow bucks for doing their weekly class jobs. I will also be looking for chances for them to earn rainbow bucks for good behavior and extra hard work. I will also take away rainbow bucks for bad behavior though. Once a month, we will go shopping and the children will have an opportunity to spend the money they have earned in the class store. Our official classroom discipline policy (which is also the school-wide policy) requires each child to have a set of cards that will keep track of whether or not they are being the best they can be.


Green = Going good on green!

Yellow = Warning, warning, SLOW DOWN! (lose 5 minutes of recess)

Red = STOP and think! (lose all of recess)


At the end of the day, your child’s behavior will be documented on a personal chart which will be found in their take-home folder. Each day is a new day in our class. At the end of the week there will be a reward for staying on green. If your child moves to red more than twice in one week, you will receive a phone call.

I strongly believe that communication between the parent and teacher is a critical element of your child’s classroom experience. Feel free to call me if there is ever a question or concern. I will also send home our Rainbow Connection newsletter twice a month to keep you abroad with current events. Also, you can view our class webpage which you can get to from the Madison website. Please check your child’s take-home folder every day and remember to send it back to school each morning. Papers on the left can be left at home while papers on the right should come right back!:) That will also be the main source of communication between us. It is also encouraged to send your child’s lunch money for the week each Monday in the personal envelope you will also find in their take-home folder. Please keep track of the monthly chart in the folder that will document your child's behavior and missing homework.

I anticipate great things happening in room 13 over the next year and I would like to thank you in advance for allowing me to have this time with your child. I realize that your child is your most precious possession and my greatest hope is that we will be able to work together as a team to help them become the best first grader they can be! Thank you for your support – you have no idea how absolutely necessary it is for your child, and myself, to have that.

With Great Expectations,

                                                                         Mrs. Turner 440.567.7310