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The objective of this class is to provide an opportunity for students to develop skill, interests and knowledge of drawing as an art form. This class is also designed to expose students to the many tools and techniques used in the medium of drawing. These include pencil, pen and ink, colored pencil, charcoal and pastels.


  • Grading

    Grades will be based on Friday scetches, pratice drawings, rough drafts, technique sheets and completed projects. Grades will be based on the attached rubric.

  • Friday Sketch

    Evry week will be assigned a Friday sketch assignmnet. These are to be completed outside of class and are due every Friday at the begining of class. Sketchs will be accepted late on Monday minus a letter grade.

    Grades will be based on-

    • An hours worth of work
    • Use of space
    • Matching of theme
    • Effort
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        Drawing Class
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