Lesson Plans Week of 5-13-13

Activities for the week will include:

1)  I will be doing individual AIMSweb R-CBM readings with all students

     throughout the week to check for growth in reading comprehension.

2)  We will continue the novel The Black Stallion.  Reading/writing skills

     and strategies being focussed on will include the literary elements of setting,

     character, plot, theme, and tone/mood; figurative language including simile,

     metaphor, hyperbole, and personification; predicting and making connections;

     and comparing and contrasting.

3)  Wednesday is library day.  Students will exchange either their novels or

     nonfiction books.  They should continue to read at least 10 pages per day.

4)  Friday is the Niagara Falls Trip.  Students not going on the trip will have

     special lessons revolving around Niagara Falls.