Lesson Plans Week of 5-20-13

Activities for the week will include:

1)  Writing a Movie Review - As a followup to reading the novel The Black Stallion,
      students will view the video.  They will use the Writing Process to write their review which
      will focus on summarizing the plot, analysis of characterization, and evaluation of the setting.

2)  We will be reading a Short Fictional Narrative aloud to practice reading fluently.  Students
      will then use the Writing Process to write their own Fictional Narrative.

3)  We will read two plays aloud while practicing reading fluently and using voice inflection.
      Students will then write a short summary.  We will also be reviewing the various unique
      text features for drama.

4)  Students will write a "Making a Difference" poem based on a model.  Poetry vocabulary
      will be reviewed (verse, stanza, rhyme, rhythm, and repetition).