Lesson Plans Week of 9-3-13

Learning Targets for the week include:

1)  I can describe how a story's plot unfolds using a series of episodes.

2)  I can explain how the characters respond or change as the plot advances.

3)  I can use evidence from the text to support my analysis of what the text says and inferences I make.

Activities for the week include:

1)  AIMSweb reading assessments including both the MAZE and the individual R-CBM to monitor growth in 
     both comprehension and fluency.
2)  Reading the short stories "Auntie" and "Dragon Dragon" in the Literature Copper text.
3)  On Wednesday we will visit the library and students will select novels.  They will complete a Novel Organizer
      which is due Wednesday 9-18-13.
4)  On Friday, we will have a brief visit from Mrs. Kaminski, School Counselor.