Lesson Plans Week of 9-16-13

Learning Targets for the week will include:
1)  I can determine the theme and explain how it is portrayed through details.
2)  I can summarize a text and leave out my personal opinion.
3)  I can describe how a story's plot unfolds using a series of episodes.
4)  I can explain how the characters respond or change as the plot advances.
5)  I can explain how an author develops the point of view of a narrator or text's characters.
6)  I can use context clues to figure out word meanings.

Activities for the week will include:
Reading 2 selections from the Literature Copper text:
     1)  "Dragon, Dragon" (fiction)
     2)  "The Truth About Dragons" (nonfiction essay)
Throughout the week we will be working on predicting/confirming,
vocabulary in context, comparing and contrasting, summarizing, and
literary elements (setting, character, plot, theme, and point of view).

We will go to the library on Wed. 9/18.  The Novel Organizer that was
assigned on Wed. 9/4 is due that day.  Students should continue to
read at least 10 pages per day of their library book.

I will continue to read aloud during the last 10 minutes of class
Summer of the Swans, then discuss the literary elements together.