Lesson Plans Week of 9-23-13

Learning Targets for the week will include:
1)  I can write for a range of time and tasks.
2)  I can spell correctly.
3)  I can use vocabulary appropriate to sixth grade topics.
4)  I can use resources to determine the meaning a word or phrase has
     that's important for comprehension and/or expression.
5)  I can produce clear, coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style
     are appropriate for sixth grade tasks, purposes, and audiences.Activities for the week will include:

Activities for the week will include:
1)  A test on the selection "Dragon, Dragon"
2)  Completion of the selection "The Truth about Dragons"
3)  Expository Writing ("How To" Paper) ~ Students will write a paper explaining how to
     complete a process, or make an item.  The focus will be on the use of transition words
     and sequential writing.
4)  Students will continue to read their NONFICTION library book and complete a
     Nonfiction Reading Guide which is due Wed. Oct. 2.
5)  I will continue to read during the last 10 min. of class from the novel
     The Summer of the Swans, while discussing literary elements and writing techniques.