Lesson Plans Week of 10-14-13

Learning Targets for the week will include:
1)  I can use evidence from the text to support my analysis of what the
      text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.
2)  I can summarize a text and leave out my personal opinion.
3)  I can use context clues to figure out word meanings
4)  I can writie for a range of time and tasks.

Activities for the week will include:
1)  D.O.L.
2)  SSR
3)  AIMSweb Progress Monitoring for fluency and comprehension
4)  Study Island Benchmark Testing
5)  Continuation of the novel Holes:  We will continue reading with a focus on
      vocabulary acquisition and development, predicting/confirming, determining
      literary elements, and summarizing.  Students will also write an Extended
      Response Character Sketch.
6)  On Wednesday we have library day.  Students should continue to be reading
      at least 10 pages per day independently.