Lesson Plans Week of 10-21-13

Learning Targets for the week will include:
1) I can write for a range of time and tasks.
2) I can determine the main idea of informational text and explain
     how it is supported by key details.
3) I can summarize informational text while leaving out my personal opinion.
4) I can describe how a story's plot unfolds using a series of episodes.
5) I can determine the author's point of view and explain how it is conveyed through the text.

Activities for the week will include:
1) D.O.L.
2) SSR
3) Continuation of the novel Holes, with work on vocabulary acquisition/development,
     predicting/confirming, determining literary elements, and summarizing text.
4) Students will also be reading NONFICTION text that is related to the novel, and   
     doing follow-up writing.
5)  During the last 10 minutes of class I will continue to read aloud the novel
      Summer of the Swans.