Level Two Fundations Overview


Our FUNdations/spelling program focuses on rules that most words follow, aligning with different types of is designed to teach the students to apply these rules/skills in their reading & spelling,  NOT memorizing a list of words.  The only words that need to be studied are “Trick Words”-these words do not follow the rules & must be memorized. We spend the first several weeks reviewing trick words that should have been memorized in first grade before introducing new “trick words”.  Here is a basic outline of the concepts that we will be learning.  For more practice at home, check out the resources at


Unit 1 (two weeks)-reviewing Level 1 “trick words” & digraphs (wh, ch, sh, th, ck), blends, digraph blends, options for spelling of /k/ & /w/ sound, closed syllable (one vowel “closed in” by one or more consonants & always short. Sample words:  quilt, elf, shred, kick, crush


Unit 2 (two weeks)-reviewing Level 1 “trick words” & bonus letters-at the end of a one syllable word if the word has one vowel, followed immediately by an f, l, or s you need to double that consonant (ff, ll, ss);  glued sounds (all, am, an, ang, ank, ing, ink, ong, onk, ung, unk) Sample words:  spill, string, stand, toss


Unit 3 (one week)-teaching closed syllable exceptions (-ild, -ind, -old, -ost)

Sample words:  wild, find, cold, colt, post

Trick Words: done, goes, pretty


Unit 4 (two weeks)- reviewing suffixes (-s, -es, -ed, -ing) ; teaching new sounds for -ed (/d/ & /t) & introducing -est & -er; categorizing suffixes as vowel suffixes or consonant suffixes and teaching the procedure for isolating base word before adding suffixes.

Sample words: stronger, tallest, spilled, passed

Trick words:  again, please, animal / sure, use, used


Unit 5 (two weeks)-intro to multisyllabic words; compound words; suffixes (-able, -ment, -ful, -ness, -less, -en, -ish)

Sample words:  catnip, habit, tonic, mascot, hundred, freshen, boldness

Trick Words:  against, knew, know / always, often, once


Unit 6 (two weeks)-vowel-consonant-e syllable, vowel-consonant-e exception (ive);  suffix (-ive);  spelling option procedure for /z/ & /s/.

Sample words:  hope, confuse, reptile, olive, inventive, rose

Trick words:  only house, move     / right, place, together


Unit 7 (three weeks)  open syllable; y as a vowel; suffixes (-y, -ly, -ty)

Sample Words:  no, music, relate, cry, baby, chilly

Trick Words:  eight, large, change / city, every, family / night, carry, something


Unit 8 (one week)  r-controlled syllable (ar and or) and spelling rules for those sounds.

Sample Words:  fort, part, orbit, party

Trick Words:  world, answer, different


Unit 9 (two weeks)- r-controlled syllable (er, ir, and ur) and spelling rules for those sounds.

Sample Words:  burst, termite, dirty

Trick Words:  picture, learn, earth / father, brother, mother


Unit 10 (two weeks)- double vowel syllable (ai and ay) and spelling rules for those sounds; homophones.

Sample Words:  paint, display, train, spray, main, mane

Trick Words:  great, country, away / America, school, thought


Unit 11 (two weeks) -double vowel syllable (ee, ea, and ey) and spelling rules for those sounds.

Sample Words:  cheap, keep, chimney

Trick Words:  chose, won, son / breakfast, head, ready


Unit 12 (one week)-double vowel syllables (oi and oy) and spelling rules for those sounds.

Sample Words:  moist, toys, paperboy

Trick Words: favorite, early, ocean


Unit 13 (two weeks) - double vowel syllables (oa, oe, and ow) and the spelling rules for those sounds.

Sample Words:  road, doe, grown

Trick Words:  Monday, Tuesday, cousin / lose, tomorrow, beautiful


Unit 14 (two weeks)-double vowel syllables (ou and ow) and the spelling rules for those sounds.

Sample Words:  loud, drown, plow

Trick Words:  Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday / bought, brought, piece


Unit 15 (two weeks) -double vowel syllables (oo, ou, ue, and ew) and the spelling rules for those sounds.

Sample Words:  spoon, soup, overdue, blew, argue, shook

Trick Words:  January, February, July / enough, special, December


Unit 16 (one week) -double vowel syllables (au and aw) and spelling options for those sounds.

Sample Words:  claw, aunt

Trick Words:  August, laugh, daughter


Unit 17 (two weeks) -consonant-le syllable.

Sample Words:  gobble, tumble, noble

Trick Words:  trouble, couple, young