Bullying Education

What is Bullying?
A student is being bullied when he or she is exposed, repeatedly & over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more students. Bullying can be:
·       Mean & hurtful words, calling names, or making fun of someone.
·       Ignoring or excluding-leaving out of things on purpose.
·       Physical-hitting, kicking, pushing, etc.
·       Telling lies or spreading rumors, trying to get others to dislike someone.
·       Other hurtful things.

RBE Works to Keep a Safe Nest!
Our Anti-Bullying Rules are:
·       We will NOT bully others.
·       We will help others who are bullied.
·       We will include others who are left out.
·       If we know that someone is being bullied, we will report it to an adult at school & an adult at home.
Every child has the right to feel safe at school so that they can learn & do their best!

All Red Birds can help STOP Bullying!  
Support students who have been bullied
Teach others by good example
Open up to include those left out
Prevent bullying by reporting to an adult
What can you do if your child is being bullied?
·       Never tell your child to ignore the bullying.
·       Don’t encourage physical retaliation.
·       Work closely with school personnel to help solve the problem.
·       Teach your child safety strategies, such as how to seek help from an adult.
·       Empathize with your child. Tell him/her that bullying is wrong, that it is not their fault, & that you are glad he/she had the courage to tell you about it.

Your Child may be a bully if he or she…
·       Lacks empathy & does not show sympathy towards others
·       Values aggression
·       Likes to be in charge
·       Is an arrogant winner or a sore loser
·       Is impulsive
How to help your child stop bullying…
·       Take him/her seriously. It is not a passing phase
·       Talk to your child to find our why
·       Help build empathy for others and teach your child about how it feels to be bullied