Language Arts FAQs

What is Language Arts?

Language Arts includes reading, writing, and spelling.


Does my spelling test grade on Monday count?

Only if it's an A or you choose to keep the B.  If you get a C or lower, that grade doesn't count.  You get the list to study, and then you get to try again on Friday.  Friday's grade is the one that goes in the grade book.


Do I have spelling homework if I get an A or choose to keep the B?

No way Jose!  You have no spelling homework all week.


Where can I find a book?

You may borrow a book from the classroom library as long as you follow the proper procedures for signing one out and return it in good condition.  You can also read a book from home, the school library, or the public library.  


Can I take my book home to do my at home reading?

Not only CAN you take my books home, you SHOULD take them home.  Likewise, if you are reading a book from home, you should bring it to school every day so you have it to read during class as well!  Just please be sure to return them. wink


When I finished my Open Court quiz on the computer, it said my score was very low.  What happened?

Don't worry just yet!  The program only grades the multiple choice questions when it gives you the immediate feedback!  I still have to grade the extended response questions which could add up to 4 more points to your score.