7th grade Science  

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Welcome:  We are greatly excited for this year.  We (Mr. Clark & Mr. Polzer) are attempting two new approaches in teaching.  1. We will be team teaching 90% of the time.  This means that your student will have both Mr. Clark and Mr. Polzer.  It also means that your student will have two science teachers.  2. We are using a Project Based Learning (PBL) way of instruction.  We believe that science should be hands-on and connected to everyday life.  Students will recieve a background about science topics and then given a time to practice and become comfortable with that content.  Students will then be given a test.  If the test is at a 70% or higher they will then move to a project.  If the test is at a 69% or lower, they will recieve a small group remediation to help understand the content.

Another reason for these changes in our teaching methods is the Common Core.  We will be responsible for things like public speaking, reading for a purpose, understanding an authors point of veiw, technology, and many others.  With the PBL approach we are able to learn all of the science curriculum and include these Common Core standards.

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