Everyday Math

Materials your child needs:

* MRB (My Reference Book)...this is a hardcover book...will be passed out later in Unit 1
* Home Links - contains the student's nightly homework
* SMJ (Student Math Journal)
* Pattern-Block Template (a small green measuring tool) - $7 to replace if lost!
* Fact Triangles (+/- and */) - can be used to practice basic math facts





Class Format

* Brief homework check
* Mental Math and Reflexes
* Math Message
* Math Message Follow-up, which leads into a brief mini-lesson
* Journal work (may be completed as a class, in partners, or independently depending on the lesson)
* Math Game/Activity
* Home Links sent home...follow-up of the day's lesson

***Please note that all of my lessons are saved as a SmartBoard presentation.  If your child is absent, I will print out a copy for you to review at home.  If this is not included in your child's absent packet, please be sure to have your child ask me upon his/her return!


***Please note that your child will be given a username and password.  It will be taped to the cover of his/her Assignment Notebook and Desk Folder so that it can be used both at home and at school. 

***Go to connected.mcgraw-hill.com
 and use the username and password to access the MRB online (the computer will read pages of the book to your child out loud), view short movie clips of the algorithms we teach, play the games we play in class (but online!), and more!