Helpful websites


*This is a great site to develop skills in all subject areas.  You may need to sign up for a free account.  If so (and you are a student), please make sure you have parent permission.  I was able to test some of the links on this site without an account.


For language arts:
* Miss McDonnell types in the weekly spelling lists.  Simply search by teacher, and type in her name.  Then select the list you are looking for.  You can print out handwriting sheets, have the words read to you, play games with the word, and take an online spelling test!
* This site allows you to search do a search by grade level to practice sounds, word parts, and other important skills.


For math:

* This site allow you to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division facts either mixed or focusing on a specific set of facts.  It times the student in 60 second increments.  Great practice!

* This site provides virtual manipulatives to practice place value.

* This site helps you write, say and read numbers.  It also helps review some rounding concepts.

* This site allows you to practice measuring angles.  I've taught my students that it is ok to be within one or two degrees of the actual angle measurement (we've discussed how the lines are so small it's difficult to get an exact reading).  This website requires an exact measurement.  The activity focuses on measuring...the protractor will already be aligned with the vertex and ray for the student.

* This site allows you to create 3D objects and practice finding the volume of the figure. You can also try to figure out the area of the surface of the figure or the perimeter.


For typing practice:

* This site is based on the keyboards we have at the Qwerty typing lessons.  Once you have taken the lessons, you can play the games.


For Science:
* This site allows students to explore various science topics.  They can view standards according to grade level and click on links that will lead to additional reading material or online lab activities.  I use this in my classes from time to time.  Please note that the standards on this site per grade level do not necessarily align exactly with the standards for the state of Ohio.  Still it's a very useful website!
* This is a great site to practice basic facts in math.  It also has links for geography and language arts, along with other math skills.