Read to Self

This is the very first component of the Daily 5 that I introduce in the beginning of the year.  The basic idea of Read to Self that students end up grasping are:

* students read to themselves the whole time

* students read an I PICK book (has purpose, interests them, they comprehend what they are reading, and know most of the words)

* they choose a successful spot in the classroom and stay in that spot

* students try to ignore distractions, and if they do get distracted they get right back to reading

* the teacher works with students

We talk a lot about building stamina.  It's hard for kids to sit still a long time.  Usually on the first attempt, my students are able to sit for 3-4 minutes tops before they run out of stamina.  Eventually we work up to 10-20 minute increments (which can take up to two weeks).  At that point, I am able to start meeting with students one-on-one and begin assigning reading goals on the CAFE menu.


HOME HINT:  Is there a successful spot in your home for your child to work in and feel comfortable reading in?  Do you establish a daily reading time?  If not, consider setting up a reading/working spot in your home where your child can work without distraction.  Consider having a timer available and even a bell that indicates when work time is up.  Some students have an easier time than others reading for longer periods of time at this point, depending on how often they have been reading independently up to this point.  The type of book your child is reading also matters when reading independently.  Make sure your children is reading an I PICK book...not too easy, not too hard, but just right!  Also, it's not too late to keep reading to your child!  You are the best teacher...chances are if they see you read, they'll read.  Plus, when you read to them, you are modeling good read strategies!  If you have questions about specific strategies or I PICK books, please don't hesitate to ask!