Are you interested in learning more about weather?  You might want to look into these sites!

* Find your local forecast, view weather clips of the day, and more...
* Geared for kids!  Find your local forecast, view informative video clips, read information about weather and climate, play weather games, and more.
* Find out information about tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes, and storm chasing.
* Created by a meteorolgist, this site is geared for kids.  There are links to weather games and activities, as well as links to various weather experiments.
* A blog that contains lots of helpful information/links related to weather.  This site and the links are fairly easy for kids to follow.


Want to learn how to make weather instruments with materials from home?  Check out these links!!!

* This site will help you build a thermometer.  Be sure to test it out after you build it!
* This site will help you build an anemometer to measure wind speed.