September 17-21

SEPTEMBER 17, 2012 

Sara Williamson’s Sub - Half Day Monday A.M.


1st period-  Room 142B

9-9:46 a.m.


Attendance Roster


Zander Ensley

Lizzy Evilsizer

Steven Glover

Joe Hensley

Elise Kershbaum

Ricky Lindoerfer

Jorge Marquez-Stone

Seth Miller

Shannen Richardson

Kirkland Shaffer


1.) Please collect all Friday Folders and write down the names of the students who did not bring in them.  I will give those students candy on Tuesday.


2.)  Students MUST  review for Math Quiz on Monday - Lessons 1-4, 1-5, 1-7 Adding, Subtracting, & Multiplying Decimals.  Please do a couple of these on the board long-hand and have them then check with a calculator.



2nd Period-  Room 141  6th grade co-taught Language Arts with Mrs. Sidewand

9:49-11:24 a.m.


1.) The students will begin their first piece of writing; a personal narrative.  We will do this in class throughout the week.  They will work through the writing process, which will also be introduced to them this week.  Their final product will be a 3 paragraph personal narrative.
2.) We will start each class with independent reading; students chose a book last week at the library or brought one from home or the public library.  We will go to the library on Wednesday.
3. )  Finally, I will continue to read Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli to the students the last 10 minutes of class.