Homework Policy

Homework Policy:


1. Completion Grade
    If the assignment is complete with work shown, the student receives 10 points for the assignment.
    If the assignment is partially complete, the student receives 5 points for the assignment.
    If the assignment is not complete, it is entered into Infinite Campus as "Missing"
     - once this assignment is completed, it may be turned in for partial credit ( 5 points )
     - late work is accepted for only one week after the due date for partial credit. 

2.  Calculators
     These are permitted but students also must show work to recieve full credit on the assignment.
     Students should have a basic function calculator. These can be purchased at local stores such as Walmart.

3.  Missing Assignments
     If a student does not complete an assignment they will have one week from the due date to complete the
     assignment and it will be accepted for half credit. If a student does not turn in the assignment after the one
     week time frame from when it was due, the assignment will no longer be accepted. One week is sufficient time
     to complete an assignment, especially when time in class is given and when most students have at least one study hall
     each day.  

4.  Homework Amount
     Students will typically have homework about 3-4 times a week.
     There is no homework assigned on Friday ( unless there is missing work or a project )

5.  Absent Policy
     Students get 2 days for each day they are absent to make up their work for full credit.
     If work is turned in after the allowable days for full credit, the student will receive half credit ( 5 points ) for being late.
     It is the students responsibility to obtain the assignment upon returning to class. Assignments are posted online, on the
     classroom homework board, and all copies of worksheets are kept in the classroom.

6.  Grades
     Student grades are weighted for Math at all grade levels at MMS.
     30% for "practice" which includes homework, journals, warm ups, projects, etc.
     70% for "assessments" which includes quizzes and unit tests.