How Can I Help My Child In Math?

How can I help my child at home in math?

Here is a list of strategies that you can use to help and support your son/daughter at home and encourage them at school in Math to assist with their success.


  1. Ask to see their homework each night and check their work.

  2. Ask specific questions such as “I see you have been learning about coordinate graphs in math this week. Explain to me how they work and how you can locate a point on the graph?”
    This will allow them to reflect on their learning and also help you gain a better understanding of the skill in order to help them better.

  3. Encourage them to ask questions in class or using my mailbox in the classroom if they are reluctant to ask out loud.

  4. If your student has a 2nd period study hall, I can write them a pass to come to my room for individual help. Encourage them to do so.

  5. Review all notes and examples on the assignments. Each new skill that is learned will have notes and examples with it. 

  6. Google Search a topic or state standard and look at websites.
    Example: Search: Graphing Points in a Coordinate Plane

  7.  Look at the examples in the student workbook/textbook. This gives great examples and breaks down the skills  being taught and practiced into steps.

  8. Look at websites and video lessons from such sites as:


  1. Check infinite campus to see your child's grade and if they have any missing work that needs completed. I accept late work for half credit for one week after the due date.

  2. Email me at if you have other questions and concerns.


Homework Policy:

  1. Homework is checked as a completion grade. If it's complete and work shown, students receive 10 points. I scan each student's homework each day to gain a quick idea of which problems to go into more depth and explanation on in class. 

  2. Homework is not graded as this is a place where students practice the skills. It is discussed at length in class the following day. It is the students responsibility to pay attention, listen, make corrections, and ask questions as needed.

  3. Homework is accepted late for half credit for one week after the due date. After one week, the assignment will no longer be accepted for points in the grade book.

  4. Homework accounts for 30% of a students grade and their assessments account for 70% of their over all grade.