Niagara Falls Info Letter

August 28, 2017

Dear 6th Grade Students & Parents,

Our staff is currently planning a day trip for the 6th grade students. Our trip this year will take our students to beautiful Niagara Falls, NY. It is planned for Friday, May 18, 2018. We are sending this information now, so that you can begin saving for the cost of the trip. Throughout the year students will have the opportunity to do various fund raising activities to help reduce the cost.  Forty percent of what your child earns through fund raising events this year will be placed into their account and can either be used for this trip or future middle school trips. You will be notified of the amount your child has earned in the future.

The trip will be guided by R&E Tours. The price this year will be $145. The price includes round trip transportation via modern air conditioned, lavatory equipped coaches, admission fees to all attractions, t-shirt and dinner. The tentative trip itinerary includes the Buffalo Naval and Military Park, Old Fort Niagara, Maid of the Mist and Observation Tower, Cave of the Winds, and dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.  We have reserved 4 buses for 180 students. Once this number is reached, a waiting list will begin for participation. Once we reach 225 students, an additional bus will be added. If your child is on the waiting list and does not get to attend, your money will be refunded. This trip is likely to fill up, so please send in your deposit as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

The payment schedule is as follows: Deposit of $45.00 due by October 27, 2017.  Second payment of $50.00 due by January 26, 2018.  The final payment of $50.00 will be due by April 13, 2018.  Payments can be made on or prior to all due dates. All Emergency Medical Authorization and Consent forms will be sent home the first week of April and will also be due on April 13, 2018. Please detach the bottom portion of this letter and send it in with your deposit. The returned portion without a deposit will not secure your child a seat. Payments can be made online through infinite campus, or by sending in cash or check. All checks should be made payable to Madison Middle School.

The Niagara Falls trip is a privilege for the students at Madison Middle School. As a privilege, students must earn the right to attend. Students who wish to participate must demonstrate the ability to listen, follow directions, and use self-discipline. The school will be looking for these characteristics throughout the entire school year in classrooms and in other activities. The principal retains discretion on last minute offenses. Keeping these disciplinary standards in mind, we urge every parent to encourage good behavior and allow their child to participate.

Parents will receive a full refund if your child decides not to go before February 16, 2018. After that date, refunds will be paid if an emergency or illness prevents your child from attending the trip.

If you have any questions please contact the school at 428-1196 or you may email Mr. Zentgraf at


Tom Brady                               Eric Thomas                           Art Zentgraf
Principal                                  Assistant Principal                  Trip Coordinator

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Please complete the following and return to the Middle School Office.

_____ Yes, my son/daughter________________________________________________ will attend the Niagara Fall trip.

                                                               ( Please Print Student’s First and Last Name )

_______ Enclosed is my deposit of $45.00 and we will follow the payment schedule.

_______ Enclosed is the $145 full amount of the trip. We will not use fund raising money toward the expense of this trip.

_______  Please use my child’s fund raising money for this trip.        

_______ DO NOT use my child’s fund raising money for this trip.