Classroom Management/Discipline

Classroom Management/Discipline

Mrs. Misich~Room 237

PBIS (Positive Behavior Incentive System) is used throughout the Madison Local Schools. The goal is to build on students’ successful positive behaviors.  School and classroom rules have been explained and discussed in class.  There will be an all-school kick-off assembly early in the school year to review the school-wide behavior expectations and incentives. Students may receive Streak Bucks from me or any other school employee in the SES building when demonstrating good Streak behaviors ~safety, teamwork, responsibility, effort, and kindness. Streak Bucks are collected in the classroom, and names are randomly drawn for prizes during the lunch period about once a month.

Students are responsible for their own behavior.  Room 237 operates on a color-coded chart system.  Each child has a clothes pin which stays on green (good to go and learn) until a classroom or school rule is broken or a student performs an extra special act of kindness or helpfulness, then he/she may clip up to Purple and earn a Streak Buck.  If a student disobeys a school or classroom rule the student “moves” his/her clothes pin to Blue as a warning.  If another infraction occurs, then the student moves his/her clothes pin to Yellow and misses five minutes of recess.  One more incident in the same day and the child is on Red and misses a full recess.  A reflection form is filled out that the parent must sign, and the student returns it to school.  A telephone call or conference may be necessary if “poor choice” behaviors are frequent.  Students will also have the opportunity to “clip-up” to green if there is a significant improvement in behavior during the day.

There is another positive class incentive in Room 237. Students may put a marble in the jar for demonstrating good behaviors.  When the Marble Jar is full the students will vote for a fun activity hour.  They may choose from arts and crafts, a movie, games or puzzles.  This generally occurs about once a grading period.

I anticipate the school year to go well.  Learning can be fun, and classes run smoothly when expectations are clear and consistent. Watch for a calendar to come home in the Friday Folder each week where your child will have a record of their “color” behavior each day. I’m looking forward to a great school year!!