Misich's Messages-Monthly October 2016 Newsletter

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Here you will find important information from your child's teacher about

current events in room 237.


October 2016 EDITION

Important Information from your Child’s Teacher.



Everyday Math

  Thank you parents for making sure your child is completing the nightly math homework. Please watch for the Everyday Math parent letters. They are on brightly colored paper and go home at the start of each new unit. There is information about the unit and answers to homework.  Continue to practice facts at home if the nightly homework is not enough for your child to master his/her facts.   Students should get past counting on fingers and numberlines.

We’re off to a great start in Room 237.  Please feel free to call or write to me at SES with questions or concerns throughout the year. I am enjoying getting to know your children.


 Important Dates to Remember


October 14th …No School, Fall Break

October 18thth …Last Day of the Grading Period

October 31st  …Halloween Party, 12;47PM –Parade in front of the school before the party

October 12th and 18th …Parent-Teacher Conferences



The phonics/spelling program (Fundations) is a hands-on multi-sensory program which includes dry erase and magnetic boards, tapping out words and writing dictated sounds.   Every two weeks new sounds and trick words are introduced and practiced.  Assessments are given at the end of each week to monitor progress. You will continue to receive bi-weekly updates.  Please contact me if you have questions.




Room 237 students have been doing a great job with reading AR books and passing comprehension tests on the computer.  The class continues to read stories in the Open Court Series Unit about sharing.  Thank you for rereading the story at home with your child each week.  This is a great fluency builder.  Currently second graders are integrating science, social studies, and language arts as we learn about Johnny Appleseed and  exploring apples. Students are also being grouped for intervention and enrichment to meet their individual needs.  Thank you to the volunteers that read one-on-one with students. It is appreciated by all of us.  You will see your child’s first monthly AR Report and informational paper in the Friday Folder next week.