Unit 6

Fundations Unit 6  -  TWO WEEK UNIT

Week 1-Three Sentence Test, Friday: November 4, 2016   Trick Words: often, house, move 

Week 2-Unit 6 Test, Friday: November 11, 2015       Trick Words: right, place, together



*We will review going from a closed syllable like "cap" to vowel-consonant-e syllable like cape.

Other examples are:     hat and hate   cap and cape     hat and hate    sit and site      cop and cope

**When the consonant "s " is between two vowels as in the word, rose the "s"  has a /z/ sound.

***Words in the English language do not end with letter v.  Therefore, some words have "e" at the end, but are not long vowels.  Some examples are: live, have, give,