JANUARY Newsletter Highlights


Students will be writing thank you letters for a special Christmas gift they received.  Please send in a stamp (or $.49), address, and proper name of the person your child wants to thank.  I will provide the envelope and paper. 

Curriculum Update

Reading-The month begins with students reading the fairytale Cinderella and comparing it with the Chinese version Yeh Shen,  Then the following two weeks the students will read a non-fiction and fiction selections about whales; comparing and contrasting them. Later in the month students will be introduced to biographies as they read a selection about Martin Luther King Jr..


Math-Continue to practice math facts at home if your child has not mastered them. It is very beneficial for students to know math facts as they solve more difficult problems. Please be sure to examine the parent newsletter that is sent home at the beginning of each new unit.  This explains upcoming concepts as well as answers to homework worksheets.  I suggest keeping these in a safe place where you can reference them when necessary.


English/Language-The boys and girls will write their New Year’s Resolutions when they return in the new year.  We will also be learning correct letter and address format as we write thank you letters for Christmas gifts. Soon we will be writing stories and poems about wonderful winter weather. English will be a graded subject the second semester instead of satisfactory/needs improvement.


Spelling/Fundations –Students are progressing well with Fundations/spelling.   Parents will continue to receive bi-weekly updates with new sounds.  Please remember to practice both new and previously learned trick words.  My website also has current sounds, trick words, and test dates.


Social Studies-  We will conclude the economics unit by exploring occupations. Later in the month the students will be learning about Martin Luther King Jr. as language arts and social studies are incorporated together.