Fundations Unit 9

Fundations Unit 9--r-Controlled Syllable Type

/er/   /ir/   /ur/ 

These r-controlled combinations are not usually difficult for reading, but they can be tricky for spelling. Practice and memorization is the best way to learn them.  See below for examples.

Unit 9 Three Sentence Test...Friday, January 13, 2017

Unit 9 Test with sentences, sounds, and trick words...Friday, January 20, 2017


Unit 9 Trick Words:


picture,   learn,    earth




/er/... her, perfect, termite,  fern,  number,  farmer,  barber


/ir/... bird, dirty, squirt, shirt,  first, twirl, thirsty, whirl


/ur/...burst, burn, turn, hurt, curl, curb, disturb, sturdy