March Newsletter

Curriculum Update ~March Newsletter

  • Reading- We are beginning a unit on fossils and dinosaurs in the Open Court Series.  There are both fiction and non-fiction selections within this unit.  Please be sure your child is focused on details while reading the weekly stories on Wednesday night with you.  At the end of the month students will be making fossils.


  • Math-Continue practicing math facts regularly. For the next few weeks focus on subtraction facts. Students have been graphing their weekly timed test scores looking for improvement. Currently the skill focus of Unit Eight is fractions.


  • English/Language-Room 237 second graders have written paragraphs about what they’d be as President of the USA.  Capitalization, punctuation, and spelling are skills the students should always include in their writing.  Complete sentences, using adjectives with at least six words is also stressed.  Second graders should also know that a good paragraph includes a topic sentence, detail sentences and a summary sentence.


  • Spelling/Fundations- Please watch for the bi-weekly parent newsletter that introduces the new sound/spelling pattern.  Using the newsletter can assist you to help your child if they’re having difficulty.  New “Trick Words” are also introduced weekly.  Please keep the lists and practice them throughout the week.  These are also updated on my web page at the SES Home Page.


  • Social Studies- We have spent time studying the presidents in February, as well as time lines marking important events in history. Students’ timelines about their lives should be turned in next week-an extension because of the snow days.  More map skills will be studied in the weeks ahead.


  • Science- Dinosaurs and fossils will be studied and explored with both the reading and science texts.