April Newsletter


APRIL Curriculum Update                             

  • Reading- The Dinosaur/Fossil Unit continues. Students will soon begin to work on dinosaur research reports. Watch for information coming home next week. The Captains Reading Program runs throughout April. Please see the attached packet for additional information.  Then the second half of the month students will be reading informative books about weather that tie in with the science unit.


  • Math-It is very important for students to master addition and subtraction facts. Please make it a nightly routine to practice facts. A majority of the class is doing well with fact mastery. Thank you parents for the extra time practicing.  We’ll be working on addition facts until spring break, and then back to subtraction after break. The unit nine  measurement unit will be completed before break. Unit ten reviews money and place value, and students will be introduced to ten thousands. Additional practice with money and making change would be helpful if your child has had difficulty with it.


  • English/Language-Room 237 second graders have been practicing the proper format of letter writing. Letters should include a heading (the date), greeting, body, closing, and a signature. Students have written to classroom pen pals and a special SES staff person. During April students will write a three-paragraph report of the dinosaur they researched.  Students will present their reports to the class.


  • Spelling/Fundations- Please watch for the bi-weekly parent newsletter that introduces the new sound/spelling pattern.  Using the Fundations’ newsletter can help you help your child if he/she is having difficulty.  New “Trick Words” are also introduced weekly.  Please keep the lists and practice them throughout the week. These can also be found on my web page.


  • Science- We will be studying weather patterns and the water cycle after break.