November Newsletter


Curriculum Update


Reading:  We’ve just finished reading and comparing fiction and non-fiction selections about bats, as well as some research in the Computer Lab. The upcoming stories in the Open Court Book have to do with kindness.  Thank you for re-reading the stories each week with your child.  The class is reading AR books nonstop---lots of enthusiasm for reading!  During IDEA Time, at the end of the day (Monday-Wednesday), all second grade students are being grouped by ability and receiving reading instruction at their level. Some students are being challenged with literacy group activities, while others are receiving interventions to help with fluency and decoding.  It is our goal for all students to be prepared for the Third Grade Reading Achievement Test next year.


Math:   Please have your child continue to practice addition and subtraction math facts. Students may practice with flashcards, worksheets, online, or any other creative way that works.  Thank you for doing the Home Link homework activities with your child during the week.  It helps reinforce concepts that were taught in class that day. The chapter three test will be next week.  Also please make it a daily activity to discuss telling time and counting money.  These real life math activities make learning at school much easier when they are exposed to it first at home.


English/Language:  The class has written a couple of formal paragraphs this year.  The structure of a good paragraph should include a topic sentence, at least three detail sentences with descriptive words and a summary sentence.  Informal writings are also done in journals.  Nouns, verbs, and adjectives are some language skills covered this fall.


Spelling/Fundations:  Every two weeks new spelling patterns and "Trick Words" are introduced and continue to be reviewed.  Please be sure to review "Trick Words" with your child throughout the week. 


Social Studies: Veteran’s Day will be reviewed and students will share their appreciation by helping to decorate the cafeteria for local veterans. Later in the month second grade students will have an understanding of what life was like as a pilgrim child as they read books and complete activities together.


Science:  Room 237 students will discuss different weather conditions. Two students each week will find temperature and weather conditions online, record it, and share it with the class. Later in the year we will  make observations about the temperatures and weather conditions we graph. COSI will also be here at the end of the month sharing exciting science activities with the SES students.