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 Welcome to Mrs. Kish's Math Class!  I am looking forward to having fun with numbers and hope you are too!!!!!!
  • Welcome!
    Tentative Topic Overview:
    • Number Sense and Place Value (Place Value through 100, Place Value through 10,000)
    • Addition and Subtraction (Addition Facts, Subtraction Facts, Add or Subtract 1 and 2 Digit Numbers, Add or Subtract Multidigit Numbers)
    • Time and Money (Understand Time, Understand Money)
    • Multiplication and Division (Multiplication Facts and Concepts, Division Facts and Concepts, Use Multiplication to Compute, Use Division to Compute)
    • Geometry and Measurement (Basic Geometric Figures, Standard Measurement, Metric Measurement, Measure Geometric Figures)
    • Data and Graphs (Types of Graphs, Use Data)
  • Instructional Model
     At the beginning of each Unit, students will:
    • Take a pretest.
    • Complete an introductory activity and collaboratively work with the teacher or classroom aide as they demonstrate the topic.   
    • Complete student booklet pages based on individual needs.
    • Complete a topic summary page, mixed review, and a progress monitoring informal assessment.
    • Take a posttest.  
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