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Integrated Math 3 is the second course in a 3 part series that builds on the foundations set in Math 2.  Topics will again span Algebra, Geometry and Statistics.  They will include analyzing data graphically and numerically, solving equations, probability, geometry theorems and postulates, graphing functions, coordinate geometry, 3-d geometry, polynomials and right triangle trig.  We will conclude with an introduction in solving systems of equations.  We will also be preparing for the OGT test in March and doing some preparation for the ACT test as well.

For class, you will need a pencil, notebook, two pocket folder and a TI-30 scientific calculator.  Bring these with you on the first day of class.

Enjoy these last few days of summer and I look forward to meeting all of you next Wednesday.  Be ready to go to work on Wednesday! 
  • December 3, 2012
    So, with the test on Friday, slope and writing the equation are officially done.  So, like I said, we will kind of be skipping around and covering topics in different chapters but will not be covering an entire chapter.

    Our first topic is surface area and volume, which should be review except that we will be looking at these are partial figures and for n-gons.

    There are 5 worksheets that need to be completed for this.  No problems from the book.
  • Welcome Back

    Hello and welcome to Integrated Math 3, Spring semester 2014.  If you are doing any shopping this weekend for the start of school, for this class, you will need pencils, a notebook, a 2 pocket folder and a TI 30 scientific calculator.  I recommend that one since it is the one you will use on the OGT test.

    This section will be jointly taught between myself and my student teacher, Mr. Hokavar.  Please refer to his policy statements for procedures and expectations.

  • Week 4
    This week we will be wrapping up chapter 2 and starting chapter 3.

    A couple of big things this week include:  quiz monday on chapter 2, homework for chapter 2 is due by Wednesday and there will be a test on chapter 2 on Friday.

    We will be working together on sections 7 and 8 with no assignments due for those two sections.  Thursday you will receive your chapter 3 assignments and those will be due next week.
  • Week 9
    Already half way done.  Hard to believe.  Chapter 5 this week on Geometry.  Assignment sheet was handed out and all work is due next Tuesday.

    Stay on top of the assignments as lab time is allowed during class.

    Chapter 5 test next week as well as review for midterm.

    Have a good week!
  • Week 6
    Topics this week include linear inequalities and quadratics.  We will have a quiz on Thursday covering those two topics.

    Work this week consists of a packet of worksheets on inequalities and an assignment out of the book.
  • Week 3
    This week we begin chapter 2.  The first couple of sections will move pretty quickly. 

    There will be a quiz on Friday and your next set of assignments are due on Wednesday the 19th.
  • Week 7
    Chapter 4 this week on probability.  Problems from the book will be assigned on Tuesday.

    There is also a worksheet packet that goes with everything this week that will be handed out on Tuesday.

    Quiz everyday on solving equations till I am happy with the scores.
  • Week 2
    Hope you all had a good weekend.  This week we will be finishing the stats chapter.  Folder assignments are due Friday.  Chapter 1 test is Friday. 

    Have a good week!
  • Week 5 we are working our way through chapter 3.  Solving equations of all different types, including those created by proportions is our goal.

    Chapter 3 part 1 work is due on Thursday.  Quiz on solving equations on Friday.

  • Week 8
    This week we are working on probability.  The two packets are due on Friday.  Test on probability on Friday.  If you lose one of the packets you must download it and print it from this website. 
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