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Welcome to AP Stats.  You are about to begin a journey that will, in the end, prepare you to score high on the AP Exam and thus earn college credit.  Last years AP results were awesome and I look forward to all of you duplicating that sucess.   Bring a calculator (TI - 83, 83plus, 84 or 89), 3 ring binder and a pencil with you on the first day of school.  We will begin right on day 1.

I look forward to working with all of you this year.

Oh, by the way, if you bring with you on day 1 single variable quantitative data on a topic that interests you, you will get extra credit.  Keep in mind it must be single variable quantitative data and must have at least 25 data values in it!  Or if you find an example of data collected using an observational study and data collected using an experiment, that will also get you extra credit.

Enjoy these last few days of summer and I will see you on Tuesday!

  • Week 9
    Almost half way done.  Hard to believe.  Anyway, we are making our way through chapter 6.  Simulations and probability are the focus.  Note the cumulative review problems are due on Halloween!  I recommend that you work on those daily as they are really big problems.

    Quiz this week on chapter 6.  Have a good week.  Note, chapter 6 review problems will not be due until the start of next quarter.
  • August 15, 2014

    Welcome back!  If you happen to be planning on doing any shopping for school this weekend, for this class you will need pencils, a 3 ring binder with filler paper and graph paper.  The most important thing that you must have is a TI 83, 84 or 89 calculator.  Any of the other ones just do not have the statistics programs that are necessary for success in this class.

    We will start on Tuesday so come in ready to go!

  • December 3, 2012
    Chapter 9, this is a huge bridge chapter.  The topics in this chapter lay the foundation for statistical inference.  You must work your way through this and conceptualize that data is haphazard but statistics can generalize.

    Your ability to understand this will serve you well for the rest of this class. 

    Central limit theorem could also be called the fundamental theorem of statistics.
  • Week 6
    This week we will be working with the chapter on linear regression.

    You have a chapter 2 test tomorrow and the chapter 2 work is due tomorrow.  Never too soon to start on chapter 3 work.  That will come due next week sometime.

    Your first project will be assigned this week as well.  Lots to do, but you have time as well so just keep up with everything.
  • ACT Review
    ACT review work will be posted in a folder.  Please feel free to do them and bring questions with you to class.

  • Week 3
    Welcome back.  Starting chapter 1 this week.  Stats graphs, summary numbers and comparrisons.

    Chapter 5 review problems are due on Wednesday. 

    Tonight, you have one AP problem to do, the butterfly problem.

    Chapter 1 review problems will be due next week.
  • Week 5
    Couple things this week.

    Chapter 1 review problems are due Wednesday.

    Chapter 2 review problems due Friday

    Quiz chapter 2 this week sometime (Thursday?)
  • Week 7
    This week there is a lot.  Problems from chapter 3 are due soon, keep up with them.  Test on chapter 3 is Thursday.

    Today we started to look at different types of regression.  We explored how to do exponential and power using log transformations.  More on chapter 4 this week.
  • Week 8
    Big week this week.  First, I hope you all turned in your Olympic Long Jump Contest report today.  Second, you have stuff due tomorrow and Wednesday.

    Chapter 4 work is due early next week and we will test on chapter 4 on Friday.

    Midterm review problems are on page 320 and page 384.  Those are due on October 31st.  Trick or treat!
  • Week 2
    This week we will be looking at experimental design.  Quiz Friday covering chapter 5.

    Chapter 5 chapter review problems are due and will be handed in next Wednesday the 12.  Do not wait until Tuesday to start them.

    Have a good week
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