First Week of Class

Monday, Wednesday and Friday  White Day
Tuesday, Thursday  Blue Day

First day of class will be an introduction to classroom rules, seating assignments, and expectations for the semester.
List of supplies needed:
3 ring binder 1 1/2"
Filler paper
note cards

Chapter 1:
Wellness and your total health:
*Recognizing health and wellness
*Taking responsibility for lifelong health
*Decision making process as a health skill
*Health triangle
*Importance of regular exercise
*Adopting new health habits
*Developing positive lifestyle skills

Health Lab: Wellness survey

Student Expectations:
1. Explain the concept of wellness
2. Recognize how your attitudes and behavior affect your level of health.
3.Explain how to make responsible health decisions.
4. Recognize how setting goals and taking action affect self-esteem.