2nd week 3rd quarter

Lesson 2 (Friday and Monday)1-27 & 30
Chapter 1 Lesson 2 Notes:
Read pages 8-13
Define Adolescence and Hormones
Listening skills group game
Health survey                
(Tuesday/Wednesday) 1-31 &2-1
Physical changes that occur during adolescence
Growth spurt
Boys-deeper voices
Growth of hair
Mental skill develop
Mood swings
New feelings towards others
Romantic interests
Increased interest in things that are important to you
Family: learning to be more independent
Friends: may ask their opinion ore
Community: understand your larger role in school, neighborhood etc.
Go over “I” message

The student will be able to understand physical growth that occurs during the early teen years.  The different way you may begin to think and feel. Why relationships with others may change.

(Thursday/Friday) 2-2&2-3
Lesson 3 Chapter 1
The students will learn how you can develop positive health habits.  Learn ways to recognize and avoid risk behaviors and why abstinence is the most responsible choice for teens.
Positive Lifestyle factors
Eat nutritious foods including breakfast
Get at least 8 hours of sleep
Prevent injuries
Spend time with friends
Get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day
Avoid tobacco, alcohol and other drugs
Develop skills and talents