Week of 2-6 to 2-10

Monday White day: Chapter 1 test   Plus chapter 2 lesson 1 vocab.  decision making, values, evaluate and goal setting.
Tuesday Blue day: Chapter 1 test

Wednesday and Thursday  2-8 & 2-9
Chapter 2 Lesson 1
The students will be able to learn how decisions affect their health and the health of others. How to make halthy, responsible decisions.  And the benefits of setting health goals.


The Decision Making Process
State the situation
List the options
Weigh the possible outcomes
Consider your values
Make a decision and act
Evaluate the decision
Decision making skills with groups and skits.
H-Healthful will it contribute to your health
E-Ethical Does it show respect for yourself and others
L-Legal is someone your age allowed by law to do this
P-Parent Approval Would your parents approve
Goal Setting
Identify a specific goal and write it down
List the steps you will take to teach your goal
Get help and support form others
Set up checkpoints to evaluate your progress
Give yourself a reward once you have achieved your goal.

Friday and Monday  2-10 and 2-13
Chapter 2 lesson 2
The students will learn how to use Goal setting skills.  Worksheet.