Week of 2-23 to 2-24

Tuesday and Wednesday Chapter 2 test.

Thursday  White
Friday Blue

Chapter 15 Lesson 1 Bones/ Skeletal System

Vocab:  Skeletal System, marrow, joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons.

Notes:  Types of Joints:

Hinge Joint- move in 1 direction (elbow and knee)
Gliding Joint- enables bones to slide over one another (wrist and ankle's)
Pivot joint- moves from side to side/up and down and allows for limited rotation  (neck and head)
Ball and Socket joint- move in all directions, allowing rotation (hips and shoulders)

Hand out for spinal column.  Cervical, Thoracic and lumbar vertebrae
Cervical= 7 vertebrae
Thoracic= 12 vertebrae
Lumbar= 5 vertebrae

Make sure you know how to spell cervical, thoracic and lumbar.

Students will be able to describe the part and functions of the skeletal system, discuss problems of the skeletal system and explain ways to care for the skeletal system.