Week of 3-5 to 3-9

Monday= Blue day quiz on bones #12-21

Tuesday White day  Wednesday  Blue Day

Start of new lesson in Chapter 15.
Muscular System:
Students will be able to describe the different parts and functions of the muscular system.  Students will be able to discuss problems of the muscular system and explain ways to care for the muscular system.

Read pages 372 to375
Vocab. words: muscular system, skeletal muscle, smooth muscle and cardiac muscle.

Notes:      How a muscle works:
Muscles are stimulated by nerves and work by contracting and relaxing.  Many of your skeletal muscles work in pairs.  When one muscle in the pair contracts, or shortens, the other muscle extends, or lengthens.

Thursday and Friday
Identify the Anterior muscles on page 373
Pectoralis major
Abdominal rectus
External obliques
Anterior tibial
(word bank will be provided)