Week one

Note to parents:

     Ohio Senate Bill 210 is The Healthy Choices for Healthy Children Act, which became law June 18, 2010.     One of the components of the bill requires students to be assessed in meeting benchmarks that are contained in six different physical education standards.   The tasks contained in the evaluation instrument are designed to be incorporated within physical education lessons. Therefore, starting this school year 2013-14, students in physical education class will participate in this assessment process.

     The assessments will be given once in the following grade bands:  K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.  The grade level for the standards assessment at Madison Middle School will be grade 7.  The scores collected from the assessments will be reported to the Ohio Department of Education and will be a part of our school’s report card.  It is not a high stakes achievement test.


     The data is reported by school, not by individual student and will be reported as Limited worth 1 point, Proficient-worth 2 points and Advanced worth 3 points.  To simplify the process in middle school, we have adopted the terms Fair-1 point, Better-2 points, and Best-3 points.  The scores for these assessments will be ongoing throughout the semester.  Students will have several attempts to score well in a variety of settings.  An individual’s score for each standard will be an average score of all attempts.  We are in the process of determining how to report your son/daughter’s scores to you using Infinite Campus.  The scores for each standard will not be a part of a student’s final grade.


     Once students are introduced to the standards and assessments, posters will be hung in the gym to serve as reminders.  Beyond that, students may not notice much difference in how class is conducted.  They will still participate in variety of activities, drills, physical challenges and games that are designed for skill development, competition, cooperation, health enhancement and fun.  Only now, Senate Bill 210 is asking us to report data.


8-29 Thursday  Blue day             8-30 Friday  White day

By the end of class the student can:

Define the term Biomechanics.

Understand the basic relationship of biomechanics and how it relates to muscle movement

Relate how the upper leg muscles work to help us run.

Work together cooperatively to play a lead up game of flag tag.