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Sixth Grade Science – Mrs. Nainiger





Course Overview – Students will cover three main areas during science this year with technology and the scientific method within each topic. The major areas are Earth, Physical, and Life Sciences. The Earth Science areas are rocks, minerals, renewable, and soils. The Physical Science areas are matter, motion and energy. The Life Science areas are cells, tissues, organisms, and reproduction. The curriculum is very lengthy and time consuming. This means that the pace will be quick so students will have to develop a good work ethic to be successful.



Homework – Homework usually spawns from uncompleted class work. The text is not a typical book it is in the form of printed booklets or slides given to each student at the start of the unit. They are available on Google classroom as well.



Tests – Tests dates are given at least one week in advance so there is plenty of time to prepare. There should be no late night preparation. A study guide that will help the students prepare for the test will always be given at least one week prior to the test.  Study material is also available on each student's Google classroom. The test structure includes multiple choice, fill in, concept mapping, critical thinking, and graphic interpretation.


Absences – Students are responsible for any classwork, notes, labs, etc. that occur when they are absent. It is the students responsibility to ask for and return any work they missed.


Grades – Grades are always available to view on Infinite Campus.

**Weekly lesson plans were included as a link in the welcome email this school year. It is also below.

**Most class handouts and study materials are located on the student's Google classroom.

Please contact me with any questions.