Seventh Grade Health Class Expectations & Procedures



   In this class you will cover a variety of different topics.  We will explore many topics that are not only fun and interesting but also very important to your lives.  It has been said that without your health you have nothing; I hope you take this course as seriously as you take your own well being.


Course Objectives:

         Students will complete topics pertaining to health and develop an understanding for health concepts.



  1. Materials Needed

    1. A 3 ring binder that must be brought to class every day.

    2. Students are expected to bring their own pens or pencils.

  2. Attendance

    1. Students are expected to attend all classes and are responsible for any make-up work that was missed.

  3. Work Ethic

    1. Every student is expected to come to class ready to work everyday!


Grading Policy:

          Points will be given for all tests, quizzes, homework and projects.  At the end of each grading period all the points will be added together and compared to the total number of points offered during the grading period.  


             100-93 = A

             92-84 = B

             83-71 = C

             70-63 = D

             Below 62 = F


Homework/Class work:

  1. All class work is expected to be turned in the day of the assignment.

  2. Homework is to be turned in the next day of class unless otherwise noted.

  3. Any make-up work is to be turned in before taking the chapter test.  Any work that is turned in after the chapter tests have been taken will receive NO CREDIT!

  4. All work done in class notebooks MUST have a TITLE and DATE and Post It number.


Classroom Procedure:

  1. Students will come into the room quietly get their classroom binder and Clothes pin and then go directly to their assigned seat.

  2. Students will check the board or overhead for bell work and begin working on the bell work assignment.  If there is any.

  3. Students will raise their hand and wait to be called on during class discussions.

  4. Each student will get 2 passes, for all of their classes for the week. This is school policy.

  5. Students will stay in their seats until the bell rings we WILL NOT LINE UP AT THE DOOR!

  6. Once class is over students will put their Clothe Pin on to the corresponding section. (i.e Straight forward, Uphill, Mountainous.)


Classroom Rules:

  1. Respect yourself, classmates, teacher and your school.

  2. Bring all required materials to class EVERYDAY.

  3. NO candy or gum during class unless permitted by the teacher.

  4. You must raise your hand in order to be recognized.

  5. Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself during class.

  6. Follow directions the first time they are given.



         The Madison Middle discipline procedure will be followed in every situation.





I__________________ have read and understand these class expectations and procedures.

***Please read and sign.  Thank you Mrs. Colarik!