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  Grammar Practice
  This site allows you to test your English knowledge.

Writing Evaluation


  Writing Evaluation
  Use this to evaluate your writing online.

Social Studies

Map Skills
You can use this link to practice your continents.  There is a quiz on this page to practice as well.

Video Song about Continents

This is a good link to study your hemispheres and continents in the world.

  Branches of Government
  Play a game to test your understanding of the duties and responsibilities of each branch
  Three Branches of Government
  Visuals of the Branches of Government
  Learning Booth
  Three Branches of Government
  Congress for Kids

Constitution: The Three Branches of Government


US Government Guide for Kids

This site was suggested by Dylan.  Thank you for visiting our classroom site.  I'm glad you found it helpful as you were preparing for your state exams.  Dylan gives his seal of approval to the link below. Thank you for sharing your love of learning, Dylan.  Keep working hard in school each and every day.

"Desks of Power: A U.S. Government Guide for Kids"

  The White House
  Your Government at Work
John Newbery

Math Practice


  Math Skills by Topic
  Topics in math
  Multiplication Practice
  Practice your facts
  Math Games
  Play and learn your facts
  Practice multiplication facts
  Multiplication Worksheets
  Create your own worksheets

Homework Help


  Math and Reading Help
  Family Education
  Homework Help
  Papa Jan
  Homework Help
  Homework Spot
  Homework Helper

Book Lists


  Suggested Reading
  Reading Lists
  Reading is Fundamental
  Book Lists
  Recommended Reading Lists
  Leveled Reading Lists
  American Library Association
  Recommended Reading Lists

Reading List

  Summer Reading

Parent References


  Mrs. Frisby Unit
  After reading each chapter, select an appropriate activity to complete.
  Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Unit
  activities for the book
  Misty of Chincoteague
  Pony Association
  Misty of Chincoteague
  Pony Page
  Misty of Chincoteague
  Background Information
  Parent Tips for Readers
  Reading Help
  National Geographic Kids
  Family Activities
  Reading Rockets
  Reading Strategies
  Online Games, Information, and Assessment Practice
  Use this site to study and practice state standards. You will browse by subject and strand areas in each of the core curriculum. Enjoy!
  Accelerated Reader
  Use this site to take AR tests at home.
Sarah Plain and Tall
The following link will direct you to activities related to the book, Sarah, Plain and Tall. 

I encourage you to browse the site to increase your understanding of our guided reading of this novel.  Please be sure to check your comprehension and understanding of vocabulary by completing the quizzes online.  Happy hunting and reading!!!

Use the site below to complete the reading activities for our classroom novel, Sarah, Plain and Tall

Amos Fortune Freeman Activities

Below is a link to a Study Guide for the novel Amos Fortune Freeman.